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the compositional mastermind behind Slopbox, ...And Oot Jumped the Mexican, and The Bungalow of Love, and song-writer with Cursed, Plastic Spacemen, BJ Petroleum, and gLOBALmINDfUCK, the Urd is a force to be reckoned with, if not just left to do his “thang”. Sometimes the king of sped-up pop, sometimes the dark prince of slowed-down grindcore, oftentimes the chuckling jester of backwards country, the Yjame is one of the only people we have heard of who considers a microphone and two ghetto blasters ‘a multitrack recording studio. Creating works that somehow combine the eccentric prog of the seventies, the whimsical experimentia of the nineties, and the cheese and cheese of eighties pop, yet end up being something altogether different, the Urd is as at home with the phat street-politics of Public Enemy as he is with the horror-mystery funk of Goblin, as he is with the extreme drum-and-vocal-sonic-terror of DJ Carhouse.

His latest release, the Urd/Yjame Demo, is one of the most abstractly-mixed pieces of country-pop you are likely to hear.

comparable to: john frusciante, bungalow of love, slopbox, michael gira, cursed, goblin, ...and oot jumped the mexican, angels of light.

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Urd - Urd Demos 1-4
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URD DEMOS 1-4 (2002)

1. Your First Brain
2. Hanging Out
3. Thrice Bled
4. Nymph
5. Serial Dreamer
6. The Yjame
7. Outside of Nowhere
8. Touch of Gira
9. Fresh Trips
10. Baldfuck or Bust
11. Do Good
12. Girlfriend
13. Copse
14. Big Stone Moonchild
15. Coppice
16. The Onus
17. Choke
18. Drone 2
19. Quietly Ingested
20. As Big As Your Hand
21. Eurodeth
22. Crystal Tears
23. R Sugary Sweet 2 Eat
24. Girl of Loch
25. Gohio
26. That's All Carcass
27. Expunge
28. Standing Still
29. Elu0na
30. Isn't Any Us
31. Not After Before
32. Sharpen the Blade
33. At the River
34. Ravens Field
35. Stuck Like a Pig
36. Bopsy


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