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Plastic Spacemen

as well as encouraging the Fish People from Europa to care about the planet Earth, plastic spacemen helped create an entire movement of artists and musicians that, although perhaps both more talented and more successful than the band themselves, at least tried to keep some of the spirit of the band alive. From their beginnings in early 1992 as “two barely competent musicians joining forces due to a mutual admiration of each other’s songwriting”, to their stunning heights as a cult-status folk-psychedelic-grindcore-prog-pop band running on love, angst, and incestuous groupie action, to their middles as wildy-ignored pop-rock sensations, to their spasming demise as prog-electro-pop space monkeys, plastic spacemen were all action.

“One notable gig was actually set up by the band themselves, and later dubbed ‘Chickenstock’ - it took place in the car park of a half-built Red Rooster store in Flemington.

Or did so until the police arrived.”

Coming from such diverse bands as the original souls at zero and the obscure h2o, sharing three band members simultaneously with gLOBALmINDfUCK, and spawning such equally diverse bands as zanzibar cob, slopbox, phonophobic, cursed, and the day everything became nothing, there is no doubting that hystory would have been greatly different had there been no plastic spacemen; indeed, there may have been no hystory at all.

comparable to: faith no more, the grateful dead, jefferson airplane, king crimson, ...and oot jumped the mexican, zanzibar cob, pink floyd, at sea.

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Noises from The PhanDom Menace
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11. We Come in Peace, But We're Bringing Guns [Part 1] (3:11)
12. We Come in Peace, But We're Bringing Guns [Part 2] (2:42)

Also featuring tracks by Phonophobic, Brëss, 1999, Beef Beef Viola and e-Wok.

Plastic Spacemen - Versus The Barbarian Invaders From Outer Space
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1. The Theory of Attraction (5:53)
2. Presence of the Fish People (1:59)
3. Vacant AD (mountain camping version) (3:07)
4. Simple (4:22)
5. Infernal Engine of Prog (4:05)
6. Everything Happens in the Present Tense (5:13)
7. Te'Stëaze of Brëss Part 1 (The Left Test of Klëys) (4:45)
8. Te'Stëaze of Brëss Part 2 (The Right Test of Klëys) (4:25)
9. Wrong Place (4:26)
10. The Last Survivor (2:36)
11. Clear (5:05)
12. Rejected Messiah (Mars Song) (4:11)
13. Triumph of the Fish People (1:23)
14. Metaphor (For Everything) (6:58)
15. Beneath the Seas of Europa (1:50)

Plastic Spacemen - Exhibit A
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EXHIBIT A (1996)

1. On (1:32)
2. Urbia (5:20)
3. Vacant AD (From 0 to 100 to 50 to...) (2:57)
4. L.C.D. (3:37)
5. Nobody's Baby But Mine (6:40)
6. Protest (10:34)
7. Some Secret (1:53)
8. Bucket (3:58)
9. Childhood Song (4:23)
10. I'm A Man (6:28)
11. Eye Of Autumn (9:09)
12. Off (0:07)

Nu-music Sample Series 9


3. The Mayhem (3:47)

Plastic Spacemen - Post-Sharkey Fiddletest

POST-SHARKEY FIDDLETEST (1994 tape - remastered for CD 2004)

1. Fortune Teller (5:58)
2. The Mayhem (3:53)
3. Rolling Down The Hill (3:11)
4. Stoned High (5:34)
5. I Was With Her (2:49)
6. Vacant AD (From 0 to 100 to 50 to...) (2:48)
7. Old Table (3:09)
8. Sad Dog (2:47)
9. Buttercup Skullfuck (2:27)
10. Love Is Fucked (4:47)
11. The Stone That Starves (3:54)
12. Satan Wears A Tie (4:35)
13. What Else? (3:36)
14. Spectre Of Doubt (3:57)
15. Simple (4:27)
16. I Understand (3:55)
17. Rejected Messiah (Mars Song) (4:19)
18. Ariadne's Thread (3:00)
19. A Thing (6:52)

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