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Phonophobic use digital tools in a loose, improvisational way, resulting in electronic soundscapes through a very human filter. The V-drum and keyboard duo conjure sounds with a broad dynamic sweep, sometimes reminiscent of The Necks or The Dirty Three, at other times sounding like Aphex Twin, Brian Eno or Plone.

The duo's first recordings were heard on the soundtrack of The PhanDom Menace. The core tracks for these three pieces were all recorded on the very first night that Mardy cracked open his new set of electronic V-drums. The overdubbed Nord Lead line on 16 Years was from a synth Wok had borrowed for just one night. These sessions, like Phonophobic's subsequent work, are full of the energy of spontaneous exploration.

The remaining pieces on their debut album Phobophonic are all improvisations, free from overdubs, post-production, or any newfangled tweaking. After many years of playing together in Plastic Spacemen, Evans and Holt synchronise by instinct. Their songs are warts-and-all snapshots that swoop and pulse, soothe and unnerve in turn. Soundtracks to imaginary films. (Except for the tracks that soundtracked a real film. Of course.)

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Phonophobic - Phobophonic
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1. Dubbells (3:39)
2. Escalator (2:23)
3. Distorm (6:27)
4. 16 Years (4:55)
5. The Secret Life of Insects (7:09)
6. Don't Look Now (4:53)
7. Catwalking Inc. (4:00)
8. Bellows (0:36)
9. Replacement Batteries (2:28)
10. Grand March of Thwawm (1:38)
11. Prentice (6:16)
12. Moat Float (3:48)
13. Full as a Goog (3:49)
14. Pagan Rongs (8:51)

Noises from The PhanDom Menace
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4. 16 Years (4:55)
6. Catwalking Inc. (4:00)
8. Obi Won (1:04)

Also featuring tracks by e-Wok, Brëss, 1999, Beef Beef Viola and Plastic Spacemen.

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