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New Horizons In Violence

The multimedia terrorists that are "holding the world hostile" with their "subliminabal" bulletins from the front lines of the War Of Terror!

New Horizons In Violence lept to worldwide infamy in September 2003, when their funky reinterpretation of Dubya-Bush-Texas-fried-propaganda, The World's Worst Leaders, melted server cables as more than 60,000 would-be terrorists downloaded the film clip from the N.H.I.V. website. After launching their EP on September 11 by personally delivering the disc to media throughout Melbourne in their trademark George Bush and Saddam Hussein masks (trademark pending), word spread like anthrax through the world wide web that is the World Wide Web.

As the world's only exclusive War-Of-Terror-based band, New Horizons In Violence are now taking their War to the streets and stages of the world.

Saddama bin Laden - Chapman Stick & Terrorism
George Dubya Pussy - Keyboards & Invasions
plus The Media of the World - Non-stop Terrorvision!

New Horizons In Violence:
- succinctly satirise the hypocrises of the ruling elites!
- illustrate the worldwide dismissal of human rights through fear!
- demonstrate the media war-machine that holds our lives to ransom!

All to the dynamic polyrythms of the underground resistance!

Some of the comments from the blogs of the world:
"crazy video... one of the funniest things I've ever seen"
"a must-see video. It's called "The World's Worst Leaders" and lemme tell ya - this little gem is terrific."
"Too freakin' impressive"
"Saddam playing a stick!!! Hi-larious!"
"Disturbing enough to make your hair on your back stand up"
"gdzies od polowy filmiku widac wymiatajacego na czarnym sticku Saddama."
"I laughed, I cried... Bush is the worst leader since the Big Bang"
"Esta lindo!"

Rock'n'Roll is political again. And so is Techno-Terrorist-Rock'n'Roll. Let New Horizons In Violence show you how.

New Horizons In Violence can be found here.

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New Horizons In Violence - I Need War!
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I NEED WAR! (2004)

1. War President (2:36)
2. Fight Terror With Terror (3:48)
3. The World's Worst Leaders (3:42)
4. US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith refuses to answer questions about Civilian Deaths, November 2003 in E flat (3:22)
5. Led Smart (1:48)
6. It's K.A.O.S. (3:55)
7. Weapons of Mass Hysteria (2:59)
8. The World's Worst Leaders (the "really really Bad" remix by Buttress O'Kneel) (5:15)

CD-ROM section including:
VIDEO TRACK: War President
VIDEO TRACK: The World's Worst Leaders
(high-quality QuickTime and Windows Media - check out lo-fi versions here)

PLUS dozens of pieces of PROPAGANDA for the complete New Horizons In Violence experience!

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